Why .500 Inches Thick In A Rail Is Best

Why .500 Inches Thick In A Rail Is Best

When it comes to picking the right size and thickness of your mat, there are many things to take into consideration. 99.9% of all rail mats located in bars are .500 inches thick. Therefore, oddball sizes of .625 inches or .250 inches thick tend to cause tipping hazards, as the rail mats are all placed next to each other. If you have one mat that is half an inch, and one at quarter of an inch, when setting a drink down on the edge of both mats, your drink will tip as the quarter inch mat is lower and thinner.

Another thing to take into consideration is that most bartenders end up placing any mats with a .625 inch thickness on the floor, as they do not prefer the size. The best size universally to choose would be .500 inches thick for all your rail mat needs.

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