A Sign Of The Times Nike 6.0

Polyenterprises has been fortunate though the years to be part of some very cool and innovative ad campaigns. One of the most challenging at the time was directly connected to NIKE’s Iconic 6.0 line of shoes that debuted in 2005. The 6.0 line would further fill that skateboard shoe market and in order to create an urban / skater aesthetic Nike brought in top designers for the brand and for the ad campaign that would support the line including Ben Guernsey from Portland whose whimsical, cartoon intensive displays would catch anyone eye who stood within a half a football field away.

The bright orange with white and black was distinctive. In 2007 Poly was approached by an intermediary client to create a stunning sewer grate mat to be used in various displays. It was a fun challenge to create not only a distressed looking mat but one that had the illusion of depth. While the mat only was a quarter of an inch thick, the stuff down in the grate appeared to be much deeper. An illusion helped with the use of an almost neon blue in a field of black that pretty much mimics moonlight or streetlights casting into the grate.

We also cut test swatches for NIKE before delving into tooling. In the end, as you can see, we were able to mirror the original artist’s concept almost exactly and to this day the NIKE 6.0 Grate Mat still turns heads at conventions every year.

Robb Curtius

VP Polyenterprises

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