Double & Single Engraved Mats

Double & Single Engraved Mats

We often come across logos with many intricate colors. When a color is in close proximity to another, we call this double engraving detail. With one colored logos, or logos with colors that have plenty of space between them, we can have what we call single engraving. As with any art, we have to determine how to proceed with the piece in the best way possible for our molding process. All opposing colors need a separation (walls, or down area) between colors.

For example; In the case of our example mat (pictured above) you will see two different types of engraving. While “Bacardi Est’d -1862-“ and “Genuine Spiced Rum” are all single color with enough space between them, they are single engrave. Whereas, “Oakheart” has different colored drop shadows and therefore these separation walls are required. This keeps the tan color from mixing with the cream color.

These walls, and each color, have to be a set size per our molding process, so more intricate mats with more design may lose detail depending on how many colors and how close each color is to one another. In these cases, we will usually opt for one of the colors to be considered as the backing of the mat (the black color you see in the Oakheart image).

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