Grit and Gumption – MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY – Episode 5

I’m GW, your host of another episode of Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. Recently I was at a function with local business people and as we were sitting around the table, the topic of labor came up. such an important topic in today’s business world. Everyone was talking amongst themselves about what they look for when they’re looking for key people to join their team and they turned to me and they asked, “What do you look for?” and very quickly, it came out of my mouth, “Grit and Gumption.”

Grit and gumption are two of the most important words that we use here at Polyenterprises. 

Gumption: The ability to commit and complete. 

And then, Grit, one of my favorite words in the English language. If you have “grit” you have sand, you have persistence, you have ferocity, you attack what you are going after… your daily job, your personal goals, your professional goals, and you have a can-do, will-do attitude. 

So, my advice to anybody in business is look for those team members who have “grit and gumption.”

Thanks for being with me today and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


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GW here with another edition of Make it Happen Monday, the motivational minute to (help…

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GW here, your host for another Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help…