Poly Home Plate extension for slow pitch comes in black, orange and white.

EDU-80-B (Black), EDU-80-O (Orange), EDU-80-W (White)

Large numbered bases for use in the gymnasium or playground.

EDU-37-Set                                                           Call for pricing

Large White Bases- (3 bases and homeplate) for use on the playground or gym floor.

EDU- 36- Set W                                            Call for pricing

Perfect for gymnasiums or on playgrounds. These throw down bases set : (Homeplate and 3 bases) all come in one of 7 colors: Blue, Green, Orange (shown), Purple, Red, Yellow and White.

EDU-33-Set-B (Blue), EDU-33-Set-G (Green), EDU-33-Set-O (Orange), EDU-33-Set-P (Purple), EDU-33-Set-R (Red), EDU-33-Set-Y (Yellow), EDU-33-Set-W (White)

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