Creative basketballs with the numbers 1-10. Great for activity stations.

Item number: EDU-998-SET

Custom to our activity sets is our Poly Alpha Spots. These spots come in groups of full A-Z and Vowel Only sets.

To order the number is EDU-426-SET for the A-Z set and EDU-427-SET for Vowel Only.

Unique to our activities set, is our Poly Currency.

Items included in the set are: One Dollar, Five Dollar, Ten Dollar, Twenty Dollar bills and Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter coins.

EDU Number for ordering is: EDU-996-SET

This Poly U.S. Map is nearly 6 feet wide! This puzzle will not only help with analytical thought and developing a good working sense of spatial arrangements, it teaches geography in a fun way! Includes Alaska and Hawaii.

EDU-650-SET  Poly U.S. Map – Set

Approx. 6 ft wide

Std. Pack – 1 set

Est. Wgt. – 18 lbs

Unit of Measure – Set

Set includes 4 large animal puzzles each measuring about 30″ x 24″ and segmented into 10 to 11 pieces. Use for a myriad of relay activities, station activities,  blindfolded puzzle activities and more! Comes with one large cat, frog, rabbit and pig.

EDU-44 Set                                                       Call for pricing

Each set comes with two Target Matz and 4 blue and 4 red throwing discs. Each Mat measures 24″ wide and 48″ long. Great for motor skills and loads of fun.

EDU-15 Set                                                           Call for pricing


These smiley face 9 inch spots are sure to brighten your day. Use as station markers, to enhance motor skills and more!

EDU-                                                                    Call for pricing

These durable 9 in fit spots make exercise fun.

EDU-98-FS-Set                                      Call for pricing