This past Friday we had our first Poly Family Fun Day! Everyone at Poly was invited to bring their family to have a bit of fun and food. We had bounce houses and face painting for the little ones. Our warehouse managers and machinist volunteered themselves for the dunk tank and everyone had a blast trying to dunk them! Greg and Brenda had a giant grill going with hotdogs and hamburgers, and everything was topped off with a snow cone truck.

Everyone was invited to take a tour of the facility and learn what their loved ones do for the Poly Family. This was a time for family to get together and enjoy the day before a nice relaxing weekend. We are honored to have such amazing people in our Poly Family and appreciate each and every one. We thank everyone for their hard work and dedication.

During the month of May, Poly Enterprises was proud to be raising our goal of $3,000 for all the families in need. Each dollar donated to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank meant one person would have a meal. One dollar equals one meal.

Thanks to the amazing people who participated and helped donate, we here at Poly Enterprises were able to surpass our goal by 124.42% at the end with our total of $3,732.50 donated to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank.

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank is committed to helping the community and feedling people in need. They have a large facility dedicated to the storage, sorting and distribution of all the donations of foods that come in through their doors.

Poly Enterprises is proud to be such an ACTIVE member of this effort. If you have time, check out Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s website at

When it comes to picking the right size and thickness of your mat, there are many things to take into consideration. 99.9% of all rail mats located in bars are .500 inches thick. Therefore, oddball sizes of .625 inches or .250 inches thick tend to cause tipping hazards, as the rail mats are all placed next to each other. If you have one mat that is half an inch, and one at quarter of an inch, when setting a drink down on the edge of both mats, your drink will tip as the quarter inch mat is lower and thinner.

Another thing to take into consideration is that most bartenders end up placing any mats with a .625 inch thickness on the floor, as they do not prefer the size. The best size universally to choose would be .500 inches thick for all your rail mat needs.

We often come across logos with many intricate colors. When a color is in close proximity to another, we call this double engraving detail. With one colored logos, or logos with colors that have plenty of space between them, we can have what we call single engraving. As with any art, we have to determine how to proceed with the piece in the best way possible for our molding process. All opposing colors need a separation (walls, or down area) between colors.

For example; In the case of our example mat (pictured above) you will see two different types of engraving. While “Bacardi Est’d -1862-“ and “Genuine Spiced Rum” are all single color with enough space between them, they are single engrave. Whereas, “Oakheart” has different colored drop shadows and therefore these separation walls are required. This keeps the tan color from mixing with the cream color.

These walls, and each color, have to be a set size per our molding process, so more intricate mats with more design may lose detail depending on how many colors and how close each color is to one another. In these cases, we will usually opt for one of the colors to be considered as the backing of the mat (the black color you see in the Oakheart image).

Poly Enterprises is continuing our partnership in 2017 with the Georgia Mountain Food Bank by striving to reach our goal of providing 3,000 meals to the hungry children and senor citizens of North Georgia. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP!

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank provides food supplies to rural parts of North Georgia. Currently, 1 in 4 children and 1 in 10 senor citizens in Georgia live in a food deprived households. Every dollar we raise results in providing one meal to these folks in need. Please click on the link below and join the POLY FAMILY in our quest to provide 3,000 meals!
Your help is greatly appreciated.