1 Dozen Basketballs- Great for station markers and enhancing motor skills activities.


Also available in a half dozen


These highly detailed sports balls are excellent for station oriented activities. Football and Basketball feature dimpled, tacky surface.

EDU-425 set                                             Call for pricing

This beautifully designed push up mat will ensure that hand placement is correct. The foam piece attached provides the perfect stopping point, insuring a safely executed push up. Instructions are embossed on the mat itself.

EDU-30-PU                                          Call for pricing

These poly frogs do have colorful personalities. The come in blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. Great for enhancing a myriad of motor development activities, teaching colors and more!

EDU-22RB6-Set                                   Call for Pricing

These six frogs each display their own personaility and “Froggy” attitude. Great for enhancing motor skill development activities. Frogs measure approximately 11″ by 15″.

EDU-22-G-Set                                 Call for pricing

This life size Poly Skeleton is a fan favorite. Imagine setting up relay races to put him together or use him in conjuction with color combining and other poly items. There are dozens of ways to incorporate him into the play = learning equation! Comes with an insert naming the specific bones and /or skeletal sections.

EDU-670-SET  Poly Bones Puzzle – Set

Std. Pack – 1 set

Est. Wgt. – 8 lbs

Unit of Measure – Set                                           Call for Pricing

This set combines our Poly Bones (21 pieces) and our Poly Muscle Man Puzzle (25 pieces). Both puzzles come with an info sheet naming the muscle groups and skeletal sections.

EDU-672-SET                                                 Call for Pricing

If he stood up he would stand about 6 ft 2 inches tall. A great, fun puzzle to illustrate major muscle groups. This 25 piece puzzle comes with an info sheet detailing specific muscle group names.

A wonderful assortyment of cartoony farm animals! Great for station markers and more! Measure from 11 to 13″.

EDU-21-Set                                 Call for pricing

The Rainbow Poly Sharks add humor and fun to learning. Math skills and motor skills development are enhanced by adding a little “shark alert” to the activity. Sold in a set of 6 bright colors. Great for station markers or used with a balance beam as extra motivation to stay on the beam. Average size is approximately 11″ high by 20″ long. Sharks come in blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow colors.

EDU-20-RB6-Set                        Call for pricing