Creative basketballs with the numbers 1-10. Great for activity stations.

Item number: EDU-998-SET

Custom to our activity sets is our Poly Alpha Spots. These spots come in groups of full A-Z and Vowel Only sets.

To order the number is EDU-426-SET for the A-Z set and EDU-427-SET for Vowel Only.

Unique to our activities set, is our Poly Currency.

Items included in the set are: One Dollar, Five Dollar, Ten Dollar, Twenty Dollar bills and Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter coins.

EDU Number for ordering is: EDU-996-SET

Stable sectional Hammer Throw ring. Each section locks together with a tongue and groove system.

EDU-D-CIRCLE-SE  7’ Hammer Throw Ring – Set

Std. Pack – 1 set

Est. Wgt. – 80 lbs

Unit of Measure – Set

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These Start and Finish lines come in red and yellow and are offered as either Starts or Finishes (not as a set of both).

EDU-27-S-O  4’ Poly Start Line – Orange and  EDU-27-S-Y  4’ Poly Start Line – Yellow come in:

Std. Pack – 10 ea

Est. Wgt. – 9 lbs

Unit of Measure – Each


EDU-27-F-O  4’ Poly Finish Line – Orange and EDU-27-F-Y  4’Poly Finish Line – Yellow come in:

Std. Pack – 10 ea

Est. Wgt. – 9 lbs

Unit of Measure – Each                                        Call for Pricing

Available in Red and Yellow (Shown), this 3.5″ disc is perfect on the football field.

EDU-25-Y  Poly Referee Discs – Yellow  or  EDU-25-O  Poly Referee Discs – Orange

3-1/2” diameter red referee disc

Std. Pack – 25

Est. Wgt. – 6.5 lbs

Unit of Measure – Each                                           Call for Pricing

This set quickly defines boundaries of play on the gym floor, black top or playground.

Set comes with 20 straight pieces and 4 corners. Comes in Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow and Red /Orange.

EDU-24M-Set-B (Blue), EDU-24M-Set-G (Green), EDU-24M-Set-PR (Purple), EDU-24M-Set-R (Red), EDU-24M-Set-Y (Yellow), EDU-24M-Set-R/O (Red/ Orange)

Call for Pricing

These straight markers help define line on a court or can be used in other ways like defining boundaries or stops and starts. The come in packs of 20 in Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Red / Orange, and Yellow.

EDU-24M-Set-B (Blue), EDU-24M-Set-G (Green), EDU-24M-Set-PR (Purple), EDU-24M-Set-R (Red), EDU-24M-Set-R/O (Red/Orange), EDU-24M-Set-Y (Yellow)