I’m your host GW for another Make It Happen Monday here at Polyenterprises. A motivation minute to help you attack and win the week. 

You know we talk a lot here at Polyenterprises about our culture. Culture is a unique thing in that, every business, every team, every organization, every family has a culture and if its a culture you create its usually good and if its a culture that creates itself, its usually bad so we do a lot here at Polyenterprises to create the culture that we know we can thrive in. 

One of the cornerstones is Stewardship and recently we just did a delivery with the Georgia Mountain Foodbank the day before Thanksgiving. We gave out over 150 packages of meat, produce and bread to veterans, to children, to people who were really in need especially around Thanksgiving time. We had more than 50% of our folks (at Poly) helped on that day delivering those packages. That is just a great event for us. It was great to do it out in the community and our people got a lot from it so just take a page out of that Stewardship book that you can never do enough good things and it’s never a bad time to do the right thing. 

Thank you for being with me today and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.  


I’m GW, your host for another Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

You know, we just finished Thanksgiving here at Polyenterprises and it always amazes me at what a special time it is with our people. The day before Thanksgiving, on that Wednesday, we shut down production about noon and then all the shifts come back and we sit down as a family and we’re able to share that special time together and eat together. And the one time we always try to do is take a minute for everybody to realize what they are truly grateful for and to just step back a minute and know how blessed we all are. 

We’ve got some really special people and to take that time together and reflect a little bit makes it even that much better. I know that a wise man once said that “You can’t be blessed and stressed at the same time” so my advise to you would be to take a minute and realize the blessing you have in your life. 

I thank you for being with me today and remember… You can’t cheat the Grind!

I’m GW and your host for Make It Happen Mondays. Here at Polyenterprises we really relish Mondays, it’s the best day of the week. Most people look on Mondays as the worst day of the week, as a matter of fact, they’ve even taken Sunday nights and turned them into Smondays which is a depressing time where they realize the weekend is over and they have to go back to work on Monday. And there is even a large percentage of heart attacks that happen before 9 o’clock on Monday mornings. 

We take advantage of Mondays because most people don’t. We take that opportunity to really thrive and be as aggressive as possible on Mondays because we know most other people are not. So take a little advise from the folks here and the team at Polyenterprises and make the most of Monday!

– GW

2017 found Poly Enterprises expanding, not only in terms of unprecedented sales growth but continued outreach into the community.

It was a year of celebrations as well. Birthdays and anniversaries.

It was a year of company barbecues, family fun days, the historical 2017 Eclipse outing and amazing Christmas Party with our first ever Ugly Sweater contest.

It was a year of supporting great causes like participating in the Relay For Life to help fight Cancer, the stellar John Jarrard Foundation concert /auction and our continual volunteerism to  the Georgia Mountain Food Bank by gathering donations, delivering much needed food and personal items and creating a promotional video. We were, in fact, so honored to be awarded the Georgia Mountain Food Bank sponsor of the Year!

It was a year of customization too. It seemed that almost every custom mat we produced involved custom shapes to frame the well known logos.

It was a year of adding more and more great companies to our stable of clients as well as engage with new and old clients at PPAI, Global Shop and MORE.

It was a year of an exciting expansion creating a massively better environment for our Poly Family and increased production and efficiency for our beloved customers.

It was a year of our East Hall Interns and working to instill in them a strong work ethic and creative spirit.

It was a year of Poly TV. We shot training videos, informational videos and more often times using our drone to add just the right amount of flair.

We love what we do and we love our customers. As 2017 ends we look forward to 2018 and to making a difference every chance we get.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

In the busy field of marketing and marketing tools, customization at a high level is what elevates any medium in the client’s mind. Custom molding in our pvc process is the most economical form of high level customization and being able to integrate the size, shape, backing textures all support the logo. A custom background can look too busy and off putting when executed incorrectly but done right there is nothing better.
We can show three different versions of diamond plate. Different style ribs, We can mimic a stylized version of wood grain, basket weaved looks, distressed details, slick and or matte finishes and custom shaped that directly speak to design elements from the logo itself. This is a popular choice because it ties in the design. The NYC manhole cover look for a ZOO YORK manhole cover has a texture that borrows from the logo’s barbed design. An Etnies “E” or Ketel One “K” as a back ground texture works well as does the well know mountain shape from QUICKSILVER.
Playing with color is also an option. For the VOLCOM mat covered with crazy abstract shapes the notion to mold it in a combinations of colors and reverse patterns was a conscious design decision from the start. The bright green color of SMARTWOOL draws you from a distance. And always remember that sometimes less is more which is evident in using one of our most popular herring bone style ribbing to support the bold look of CAROLINA DRONZ.
In the end, in custom designing anything goes but usually only one combination of logo and backing texture hits the right note.
-Robb Curtius

A couple of Saturdays ago on the 16th, on the lawn of Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia the night sky was full of inspiration, the giving spirit and a whole lot of excellent music at the 16th annual John Jarrard Foundation Benefit Concert and Auction. We were so blessed to again attend and contribute to such a giving wonderful event.

Established in 2000, originally the Bruce Burch & Friends Honor John Jarrard Concert was named in memory of Georgia Music Hall of Fame member Jarrard, who wrote hit songs for performers such as Don Williams, Alabama, George Strait and Tracy Lawrence. He battled diabetes before his death in 2001.

Since it’s inception, the John Jarrard Foundation has grown from an annual concert to a regionally recognized nonprofit organization supporting songwriters and a number of causes, raising more than $1.5 million to support the Good News ClinicsBoys & Girls Clubs of Lanier,The Georgia Mountain Food BankSisu and Good News at Noon shelter.

You can imagine our excitement as August 21 2017 finally came around. A once in a life chance to view a solar eclipse, right out our front doors, sign me up. Greg Ours our fearless leader couldn’t just miss out on this event, rather he embraced the chance to bring everyone together to watch it in style.
It was nice to just sit back, relax, and eat burgers while watching the event with all the poly coworkers. As 99% totality struck many pictures to record the moment in history were taken. I snapped away trying my best to achieve that one dream photo of the event, with just a sliver of the sun peeking out. Here are a few images we feel show just how cool the whole moment was. I would also like to add luckily no one suffered from any post eclipse eye damage!

Branding our products with logos and making them pop is always a challenge especially since some brands do not give us much creative license on how we present the logo itself. While some brands allow us to show their logo in different ways other brands rigidly control the lock up and / or dimensions making it hard for us to make the logo stand out among the rest.
One way to draw peoples eye to the mat is to create custom backgrounds that frame the logo in an interesting and artistic way. We have personally designed special backgrounds for Zoo York and Thorogood shoes. Other brands have allowed us to place bottles, turtle shapes, ocean fish and more around and through their logo to give the mat added flair. Setting the logo this way turns a normal “run of the mill” floor or bar mat into something unique, interesting all the while giving them the cool factor.
Now it is a good time to remind you that everything we create is custom molded. On floor mats the task of customizing a background is easier than on a smaller mat. Larger details also make producing the mat easier.  On bar rail mats where the custom detail can get much smaller there are special considerations that need to be made to custom mold the smaller detail. Every mat comes from a negative metal mold so special details and how we tool the mold, and mold the part has to be considered. The design feature can be small but not too small to inhibit our specially formulated materials to flow into the mold in the proper way.
Some designs require slightly rounded top details. Other designs may have to be more shallow and cut on a raised pad. Some have stacked details or special embossed areas to highlight even smaller details. It is the attention to design and our knowledge on how to mold these custom molded products that help to create the best mats in the marketplace. Once we stared offering custom backgrounds there was no turning back. On average the amount of mats we produce with custom backgrounds is probably only 15% but at certain times it may reach 39% or more. One thing is for sure, the demand will only rise.

This past Friday we had our first Poly Family Fun Day! Everyone at Poly was invited to bring their family to have a bit of fun and food. We had bounce houses and face painting for the little ones. Our warehouse managers and machinist volunteered themselves for the dunk tank and everyone had a blast trying to dunk them! Greg and Brenda had a giant grill going with hotdogs and hamburgers, and everything was topped off with a snow cone truck.

Everyone was invited to take a tour of the facility and learn what their loved ones do for the Poly Family. This was a time for family to get together and enjoy the day before a nice relaxing weekend. We are honored to have such amazing people in our Poly Family and appreciate each and every one. We thank everyone for their hard work and dedication.

During the month of May, Poly Enterprises was proud to be raising our goal of $3,000 for all the families in need. Each dollar donated to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank meant one person would have a meal. One dollar equals one meal.

Thanks to the amazing people who participated and helped donate, we here at Poly Enterprises were able to surpass our goal by 124.42% at the end with our total of $3,732.50 donated to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank.

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank is committed to helping the community and feedling people in need. They have a large facility dedicated to the storage, sorting and distribution of all the donations of foods that come in through their doors.

Poly Enterprises is proud to be such an ACTIVE member of this effort. If you have time, check out Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s website at