GW here, your host for another episode of Make It Happen Mondays, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, again, still talking about goals. January is a big goal month. One of the things that I adopted years ago which was coming from help from different people, mentors, and people that were helping me through managing the business world is setting goals in 5 boxes. You know, we talk about how important setting goals are, it doesn’t matter if they’re little goals and there is just a few of them or if there monster goals and there is a lot of them. The key is to write them down, make them quantifiable, stay focused on them and that will help you with your road map to success. 

The way I do it is I have 5 boxes. I’m kind of a compartmental type person and so my 5 boxes that I set goals in are Professional, Spiritual, Family, Financial and Physical. 

So what I do is I set one or 3 goals in each one of those boxes because what I have found is: If I am trying to achieve a level of success or an accomplishment in all 5 of those at the same time, I’m the happiest. I think that balance, you could be really good in your professional goal and attacking that but neglecting your family and so this way you can stay with effort in all 5 of those at the same time. Maybe something for you, maybe not… maybe give it a try and remember with goals or anything else… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


GW here for another episode of Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, I’m fortunate enough to be at the Stillbow Ranch in Los Banos, California hunting with my good friend Dennis Campini. Never had a special guest on Make It Happen Monday but this is absolutely… he is a special person so he’s the special guest. Dennis has been an inspiration to me for 25 years. We met 25 years ago and I’ve learned a lot from him. He is an absolute grinder. He’s been a great success in his life, he’s a family man and he’s just been a great inspiration to me so take it from having good friends. They are absolutely priceless. 

(Dennis chimes in) 

“Just remember. You Can’t Cheat The Grind”


Gw here, for another episode of Making It Happen Monday. A motivational minute to help you attack and win the week.

Well, the New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl and, love them or hate em, you gotta respect the level of success they have achieved. This is their 9th Super Bowl in 16 years and they’ve really created quite a dynasty. And there is a lot of reasons for their success, for example, most NFL teams’ scouting department scouts thoroughly about 200 players, guys coming out in the draft and free agents. The New England Patriots, in-depth, scout 350 players. Things like that really make the difference but if you want to look to one thing that has really set them apart from everybody else its the fact that no other team in the National Football League is more about the team and not the individual than the New England Patriots. You look at all the high profile, high ego guys that have come in there over the years. As soon as they start it being about them, they want that big contract and it’s not about the team, they get rid of them. They do not let those cancer guys fester within the organization so let’s all take a lesson from the Patriots in that, once everyone’s pushing for the success of the team it clearly equals the success of the individual. And remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind. 


Polyenterprises has been fortunate though the years to be part of some very cool and innovative ad campaigns. One of the most challenging at the time was directly connected to NIKE’s Iconic 6.0 line of shoes that debuted in 2005. The 6.0 line would further fill that skateboard shoe market and in order to create an urban / skater aesthetic Nike brought in top designers for the brand and for the ad campaign that would support the line including Ben Guernsey from Portland whose whimsical, cartoon intensive displays would catch anyone eye who stood within a half a football field away.

The bright orange with white and black was distinctive. In 2007 Poly was approached by an intermediary client to create a stunning sewer grate mat to be used in various displays. It was a fun challenge to create not only a distressed looking mat but one that had the illusion of depth. While the mat only was a quarter of an inch thick, the stuff down in the grate appeared to be much deeper. An illusion helped with the use of an almost neon blue in a field of black that pretty much mimics moonlight or streetlights casting into the grate.

We also cut test swatches for NIKE before delving into tooling. In the end, as you can see, we were able to mirror the original artist’s concept almost exactly and to this day the NIKE 6.0 Grate Mat still turns heads at conventions every year.

Robb Curtius

VP Polyenterprises

This is GW. Welcome to a special edition of Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, this is a special Monday, we’re actually duck hunting outside of Stockton, California in the delta and you’ll never hear me complain about the work you gotta do to hunt because I get such a thrill out of hunting, however this hunt that we are on today is a thirty minute trudge through deep peat moss dirt, through a swamp to get out to this blind. And it is really a trudge. You get out here, you’re soaking wet sweating and you’re hauling all your gear but, you know, its just kind of a lesson that if you want to do anything worthwhile, ya know, it comes with a price. 

(GW takes a shot)

Well, like I said: “Anything worthwhile comes with a price” and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


Gw here, with another episode of Making It Happen Monday. That motivational minute to help you attack and win the week.

Well, here we are Monday morning, Colt and I are at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas getting ready to set up our booth for this years PPAI show. So as you can see, there’s nothing here so give us about 5 hours and we will be back to you to show you what a finished booth looks like.

Remember… YOU Can’t Cheat The Grind.


Part 2 Make It happen Monday, the booth is now set up. We’ve been grinding all day! 

Remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind!”


Gw here, with another episode of Making It Happen Monday. A motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, it is goal setting time here at Poly and any time that you have an organization or a team, the team itself is a big focus of the goals. I send out a “Make It Happen” email most every morning and I predominantly send it to our team, our leadership team. I also have a copy on there of about sixty or seventy colleagues, friends, clients, people I have done business with over the years that are copied and they’re in an email group. It’s called “Make It Happen 3” so, as a side note if you want to be on this email, send me an email to, be glad to add you… but in the top part of that is (that) it goes to the folks on our leadership team and the one thing about that is, with the regular copy being a group email, I purposely have not made the leadership team into a group email. I do that specifically because I want to think about those folks every morning when I send that email. 

The order that they are on that email is exactly the same every time. It’s Patti, Brenda, Jenny, Jessica, Madison, Robb, Lauren, Cruz, William, Daniel, Daron, Chuck, Clemente, Alejandro, Drew, Colt, and Nick. It’s the same every time. I’ve been doing it the same for years of those names in that order and I do that to just take a second to think about that person because they deserve me taking time to think about them, whats going on in their life, whats going on in their life here at Poly and to take that in consideration as I come in here every day. So take a note as your setting goals how important that team is and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


GW here, your host for another Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, its early January and some people dread this time of year but actually, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.  Why? because you get a clean slate. You get a chance to maybe start over. You have all of those things you didn’t accomplish in 2018, you have all that mental baggage that you carry around, you ate too much, you spent too much, you didn’t save enough, you didn’t accomplish what you wanted. Heres your chance that the Universe has given you to set it all straight. A clean slate to set goals. And when I mean goals, I mean “set” goals. You want to accomplish something, set goals. 

Resolutions are for LOSERS! Losers I tell you. Resolutions are, “I want to be a happier person”, “I want to be nice to other people”… that’s a bunch of crap! 

You set hard, quantifiable, write them down, stay focused goals and that will lead to your success in 2019, and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.”


I’m GW, your host of another episode of Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. Recently I was at a function with local business people and as we were sitting around the table, the topic of labor came up. such an important topic in today’s business world. Everyone was talking amongst themselves about what they look for when they’re looking for key people to join their team and they turned to me and they asked, “What do you look for?” and very quickly, it came out of my mouth, “Grit and Gumption.”

Grit and gumption are two of the most important words that we use here at Polyenterprises. 

Gumption: The ability to commit and complete. 

And then, Grit, one of my favorite words in the English language. If you have “grit” you have sand, you have persistence, you have ferocity, you attack what you are going after… your daily job, your personal goals, your professional goals, and you have a can-do, will-do attitude. 

So, my advice to anybody in business is look for those team members who have “grit and gumption.”

Thanks for being with me today and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


GW here with another edition of Make it Happen Monday, the motivational minute to (help you) attack and win the week.  Now, you might be sitting there thinking, “What the hell is he doing with his Crow Indian Chief headdress on. Well, you know, every organization, every team needs a chief but just as importantly they need lieutenants and soldiers. When you look at an Indian Chief, especially with a headdress like this, you think of strength and power. Well, the strength here at Poly doesn’t come from the Chief, it comes from our team. Once a month, at the beginning of every month, our leadership team gets together, we meet and go over all the numbers and everything that happened in the previous month and, then set the course for next month, the course of continuous improvement. So the strength of our organization lies in that group and getting together and working together, taking accountability for all the actions and collaborating with all the ideas of what we need. 

It’s not about this here (removing headdress), it’s about this (clasping hands together to signify the team) and remember…

You Can’t Cheat The Grind!