Remember how important your TEAM is – MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY – Episode 7

Gw here, with another episode of Making It Happen Monday. A motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

Well, it is goal setting time here at Poly and any time that you have an organization or a team, the team itself is a big focus of the goals. I send out a “Make It Happen” email most every morning and I predominantly send it to our team, our leadership team. I also have a copy on there of about sixty or seventy colleagues, friends, clients, people I have done business with over the years that are copied and they’re in an email group. It’s called “Make It Happen 3” so, as a side note if you want to be on this email, send me an email to, be glad to add you… but in the top part of that is (that) it goes to the folks on our leadership team and the one thing about that is, with the regular copy being a group email, I purposely have not made the leadership team into a group email. I do that specifically because I want to think about those folks every morning when I send that email. 

The order that they are on that email is exactly the same every time. It’s Patti, Brenda, Jenny, Jessica, Madison, Robb, Lauren, Cruz, William, Daniel, Daron, Chuck, Clemente, Alejandro, Drew, Colt, and Nick. It’s the same every time. I’ve been doing it the same for years of those names in that order and I do that to just take a second to think about that person because they deserve me taking time to think about them, whats going on in their life, whats going on in their life here at Poly and to take that in consideration as I come in here every day. So take a note as your setting goals how important that team is and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.


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GW here, your host for another Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help…

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Gw here, with another episode of Making It Happen Monday. That motivational minute to help…