Discussing Stewardship – MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY – Episode 3

I’m your host GW for another Make It Happen Monday here at Polyenterprises. A motivation minute to help you attack and win the week. 

You know we talk a lot here at Polyenterprises about our culture. Culture is a unique thing in that, every business, every team, every organization, every family has a culture and if its a culture you create its usually good and if its a culture that creates itself, its usually bad so we do a lot here at Polyenterprises to create the culture that we know we can thrive in. 

One of the cornerstones is Stewardship and recently we just did a delivery with the Georgia Mountain Foodbank the day before Thanksgiving. We gave out over 150 packages of meat, produce and bread to veterans, to children, to people who were really in need especially around Thanksgiving time. We had more than 50% of our folks (at Poly) helped on that day delivering those packages. That is just a great event for us. It was great to do it out in the community and our people got a lot from it so just take a page out of that Stewardship book that you can never do enough good things and it’s never a bad time to do the right thing. 

Thank you for being with me today and remember… You Can’t Cheat The Grind.  


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