Too blessed to be stressed – MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY – Episode 2

I’m GW, your host for another Make It Happen Monday, a motivational minute to help you attack and win the week. 

You know, we just finished Thanksgiving here at Polyenterprises and it always amazes me at what a special time it is with our people. The day before Thanksgiving, on that Wednesday, we shut down production about noon and then all the shifts come back and we sit down as a family and we’re able to share that special time together and eat together. And the one time we always try to do is take a minute for everybody to realize what they are truly grateful for and to just step back a minute and know how blessed we all are. 

We’ve got some really special people and to take that time together and reflect a little bit makes it even that much better. I know that a wise man once said that “You can’t be blessed and stressed at the same time” so my advise to you would be to take a minute and realize the blessing you have in your life. 

I thank you for being with me today and remember… You can’t cheat the Grind!

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