Designing from the Ground Up

In the busy field of marketing and marketing tools, customization at a high level is what elevates any medium in the client’s mind. Custom molding in our pvc process is the most economical form of high level customization and being able to integrate the size, shape, backing textures all support the logo. A custom background can look too busy and off putting when executed incorrectly but done right there is nothing better.
We can show three different versions of diamond plate. Different style ribs, We can mimic a stylized version of wood grain, basket weaved looks, distressed details, slick and or matte finishes and custom shaped that directly speak to design elements from the logo itself. This is a popular choice because it ties in the design. The NYC manhole cover look for a ZOO YORK manhole cover has a texture that borrows from the logo’s barbed design. An Etnies “E” or Ketel One “K” as a back ground texture works well as does the well know mountain shape from QUICKSILVER.
Playing with color is also an option. For the VOLCOM mat covered with crazy abstract shapes the notion to mold it in a combinations of colors and reverse patterns was a conscious design decision from the start. The bright green color of SMARTWOOL draws you from a distance. And always remember that sometimes less is more which is evident in using one of our most popular herring bone style ribbing to support the bold look of CAROLINA DRONZ.
In the end, in custom designing anything goes but usually only one combination of logo and backing texture hits the right note.
-Robb Curtius

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