Custom Molding Equals POP Options

In the Point of Purchase world getting your brand a piece of real estate in your local Home Depot, Surf Shop or Grain Feed Store is important and floor and counter mats serve as a great vehicle as a low pressure sales tool. As opposed to signs hanging everywhere and unfortunately often times in you sight line when you are looking for something else, counter mats and floor mats feel somehow more passive.
When a customer goes to purchase a starter for his 57 Ford and sees the Amsoil floor or counter mat the seed is planted. When that seed germinates is probably determined by a lot of things: the knowledge of the brand, the immediate need for the product and if they are searching for a change.
Passive sales tool are just that and with all the brand bombardment on all forms of social media passive sales is a gentle sales tool that works.
Our custom mats are custom through and through. We can add subtle and not so subtle design features that not only enhance the look of the logo but how well it gently sells. Our mats also serve a wide array of needs. On benches in repair facilities they can catch oil and dirt on the Stihl Chainsaw that needs some attention from a technician. Our floor mats do the same. All our custom products are 100% pvc and clean up nice. They are durable and last for years and most of all they sell passively all year round.
Robb Donker

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