Design Process at Poly Enterprises

One of the major things we do in our design process is different cut details for each logo and mat. Some mats have what we call a No Cut design. No Cut is used for two reasons. When the detail is too small on some artwork, placing walls between the designs makes it appear very blocky and distorted. If the art is the same color as the backing, No Cut works well. A few examples are shown in the images below. Stoli GF is a great example.

Another thing we do is different backings. Counters and rails are usually created with what we call round or elongated nibs. These nibs help keep drinks on the mat, while the spaces between help catch liquid and mess. Floors have a designed called herringbone. Unlike flat mats, the herringbone helps hide footprints and also keeps the design looking sharp.

Flat top mats, such as the 3D Skull Pop and Typhoon, have no raised edges. The only area that is different is the walls that separate color. They are down on the mat and very minimal as to not take away from the flat design. These are great for drone landing pads.

Occasionally, we have requests for unique, custom backing designs. This usually means that some part of the logo becomes the nibs or herringbone. A great example of this is the Springfield floor mat we have recently finished. Springfield used one logo for the initial design, and a text logo for their backing. There is even the opportunity to place the art within the herringbone itself, leaving a very creative design.

Each logo comes with a new opportunity for creativity in designing the client’s end product. We work closely with all of our clients for each project to ensure it is to their approval.


Written by Lauren Sweeney

Stoli GF - Detail Ross Apartments Herringbone Backing Ross Inspire Skull Pop Inspire Typhoon


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