Custom Molding with Rockford Fosgate

Custom Molding with Rockford Fosgate

The Rockford Fosgate floor mat is a design that we recently acquired straight from the company. The customer provided us with complicated art which turned into a very exciting project for us to work on. We decided on creating unique heights for each part of the mat’s design. The unique heights required very special cutters for all of the intricate and detailed spots. There are areas of deep embossing and wonderful detail within this floor mat. What you see in the featured image is great care taken to turn the client’s into an amazing reality. We are very pleased with the outcome of the artwork, and the finished product was greatly loved by the client.

It is always extra easy when using a good design to build off of and create a unique, one-of-a-kind mat. Fosgate excelled at providing us with a unique and detailed idea that was brought to life.

Rockford Fosgate’s company started off when James Fosgate built the world’s first car amplifier in his home garage in Arizona, USA, in 1973. Rockford Fosgate has been going strong for a solid 35 years, creating the best in car audio equipment and amplifiers. Similar to Poly Enterprises (which was also founded in a garage), this company is American Born and American Made. We love the American Spirit that is put into the heart and soul of the product and company. To learn more about Rockford Fosgate, give their website a look.

Written by Lauren Sweeney – Graphic Designer

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